Human Resource Department

A person in the employment of the Corporation other than the casual or contingent staff and includes a person on deputation to the corporation.
Service Regulations:-
The terms and conditions of service of the employee of the Corporation including their pay and allowance and shall apply to every person in the employment of the corporation.
Service Book:-
In which employee’s official career is recorded.
Probation period:-
Probation means testing of a persons conduct work and character of person recruited in any post and employees promoted from one post to any higher post shall be placed on probation for a period of one year from the date pf appointment which may be extended or reduced at the discretion of the appointing authority without notice or assigning any reason there at any time during probation.
Contributory Provident Fund
Earned leave - Regular employee of the Corporation is entitled to 30 days EL (15 days encashable and 15 days non-encashable) during the calendar year.
Half Pay leave - regular employee is entitled to 20 days of HPL during the year.
Extra Ordinary Leave is granted if no other leave is available at employee account.
Maternity Leave:-
Quantum of Maternity leave has enhanced from 135 days to 180 days from 01.09.2008 as per Govt. Guidelines.
Casual Leave - Regular employees are entitled to 12 days casual leave during the calendar year.
Restricted Holiday - Regular employee is entitled to 2 days Restricted Holiday (RH) during the calendar year in lieu of festival notified by the Corporation.
Central Dearness Allowance
Industrial Dearness Allowance.
Traveling Allowance
Dearness Allowance
Leave Travel Concession.
Annual Confidential Reports
Departmental Promotion Committee
Central Joint Management Council
Local JMC:-
Local Joint Management Council
Leave Salary:-
The monthly amount paid by the CCI to its employees on leave.
LPC is a last pay certificate for last pay drawn by an employee
Pay anomaly:-
Stepping of pay of a senior when juniors are drawing pay more on pay fixation in case of promotion as per FR 22 (a) (i)
House Rent Allowance which is paid based on classification of cities.
TDS (Tax Deducted at Source):-
Income Tax is deducted and remitted by tax drawing /disbursing authority to the Central Govt. as per IT Rules.
Doing duty beyond normal working hours in accordance with the provision of the wages and Establishment Act.
Statutory Bonus @ 8.33% of pay drawn during financial year is paid to eligible employee as per payment of Bonus Act.
Joining time:-
The time allowed to the employee to join a new post or to travel to or from a station to which he is posted.
Authorised Medical Attendents appointed by the Corporation for Medical treatment of employees.
Means an attaining the age of 60 years (retirement from the services of the Corporation.)
CCI Superannuation Pension Scheme:-
Contribution amount by way of pension payable on superannuation of an employee.
Reservation Roster:-
Post based rosters separate rosters for direct recruitment and for promotion where reservation in promotion applies. These rosters are only an aid to determine the entitlement of different categories with regards to the quota reserved for them.
Subsistence Allowance:-
Amount paid to the suspended employee during his suspension period is called subsistence allowance.
Annual Increment:-
Periodical Annual Increment in time scale.
Suspension is an action through which an employee is kept temporary away from office and work till the final order is passed against him.
Appointment made by transfer on a temp. basis outside the normal field of deployment in public interest.
Competent Authority:-
Authority empowered by the Board of Directors to discharge function or use of powers specified.
Disciplinary Authority:-
Authority empowered to impose penalty as appended to schedule.
The communication regarding grievances of employee addressed to the Competent Authority.
The allowance is payable only if the person is authorised to hold current charge of both the post.
Post/gradewise list of employees according to date of joining the corportion.
Employment after separation from the Corporation.
Who is appointed for professional guidance in various areas.
Charter of Demand:-
Demand of employee Council regarding pay and Allowance.
Benefit given at the time of pay revision as per the terms and conditions.
Drawing and dispersing Authority:-
Head of HRD/Fin.
Vehicles maintenance Allowance:-
Allowance granted to employee who own vehicle to meet the expenditure for computing to office and back.
Adverse Remarks:-
Remarks recorded in ACR by the Reporting officer of the employee
Expunge of Remarks:-
Adverse remarks recorded in ACR to be removed.
Group Saving Linked Insurance.
Productivity Linked Incentives.
All India Cotton Corporation of Employees Council
Personal file:-
Containing personal record /correspondence of employee.
Controlling Authority:-
The Authority competent under the rules to regulate the service.
Reporting Authority:-
Who writes ACR of the employee working under him.
Reviewing Authority:-
Who reviews the remarks of Reporting Authority.
Accepting Authority:-
Who Accepts the remarks of Reporting Authority and Reviewing Authority.
Compassionate appointment:-
Employment opportunity to depend of employee in case of his death.
Prolong Illness under CCI's Medical Rules:-
  1. Cancer
  2. Ischaemic Heart disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Renal Disease(Renal Failure)
  5. After Hemiplegia or after paralytic Stroke.
Physically Handicapped:-
physically disabled person in the category of VH/HH/OH employees.
Liason Officer:-
Appointed for welfare and safeguard the interest of SC/ST/OBC/PH.
Qualifying Test:-
Departmental examination conducted for promotion to the post of AM/AO as per Recruitment Promotion policy of the Corporation.
CCI’s total Strength as on 31.03.2009:-
  1. Officers – 137
  2. Field Staff – 481
  3. Office Staff – 579
  4. Total -1197

Toll-free hotline number to receive complaints against corruption : 1800-22-4647